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Voice Q ADR is specifically for those involved in replacing same language dialog with same language. In addition, off camera voice-overs & sound effects are often added before the final mix. Scrolling text over video offers actors and technicians a frame-accurate cure for every word, and every line, every time. VoiceQ ADR provides a truly unique recording experience that enhances performance levels and reduces recording time and fatigue. VoiceQ ADR provides an abundance of simple easy-to-use features for all production and studio professionals freeing them to capitalize on their creative energies.

  • Time stamped broadcast wave files identified by character, cue, and take
  • Background machine running time of day code
  • Shoepps / Sankin
  • Big room / replace exterior sound
  • System as fast as the talent if loaded in advance
  • Black Balled in Detroit, but the most fun place to work - wet bar included
  • 20 miles north of Detroit on I-75





North of Detroit, Pontiac Michigan is easily accessible from anywhere. All roads lead here. See us on the map.

ADR cue list and crawling script is set up in advance of the session greatly reducing session length as well as artist fatigue, This allows artists to find their character quickly and with sustained energy.

Auto DIM

Producers talkback will dim our cue systems allowing for clear communication. Just speak into your laptop.











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"Magnetic Recording met all of our needs for ADR.  They were flexible with the actor's schedule and delivered all elements immediately following the session.  When we need to schedule ADR in Michigan again Magnetic Recording will be our first call"

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